NY Sportscare Concierge Orthopedics

Concierge Orthopedics

In this busy world we live in, there is not necessarily adequate time to take care of orthopedic problems you may have. Making appointments at the orthopedist, taking time to get to their office and spending time waiting to be seen and evaluated can be frustrating and time-consuming. I am sure there are many other things you would rather be doing. NY Sportscare and Dr. David T. Neuman offer a concierge service in which he will come to your home or office and provide excellent orthopedic care. The professional conversation, evaluation, examination and care is offered by Dr. Neuman when it is convenient for you. Whether it is for a second opinion, the answers to a nagging pain or tips and suggestions to increase joint function, your time will be well-spent. He makes house calls or arrives at your office on the day and time mutually agreed upon. The visits are confidential, professional, and valuable.

Call 212-813-3634, text xxx-xxx-xxxx, or email your appointment preferences.

You will not be disappointed!
NY Sportscare Concierge Orthopedics